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Lokavidya Technologies was formed in the year 2016 with a vision to provide ICT solutions for Developmental Problems.

The company envisions to cater to individualistic needs of education, skilling and livelihood based on their aspirations. Lokavidya emphasises on understanding the needs of the people, designing custom made content for either direct or peer to peer learning and enabling them to network for employment opportunities in their locality and also collaborate for entrepreneurial activities.

Our focus always lies on understanding the Problem in its entirety and working through a “Bottom-up” strategy as against the “Top-Down” approach usually adopted for tackling ground problems.

Key Offerings


We provide ICT solutions for a broad spectrum of Development Problems through our knowledge and expertise, in form of customized products and services



LokaVidya Learning Management System

LVCMS is a content management platform where users can organise, curate, add and delete content. The user can use channels to categorise videos easily. The platform can also be used to comprehensively manage members as well.


LMS  Features

LokaVidya View

LokaVidya View is a multilingual android app which lets the user view, share and download videos. We also have a quizzing system which puts forth questions facilitating integrated learning. The user can always reach out to us using feedback and suggestions.

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LokaUdyog aims at designing a digital platform which can assist in creating an ecosystem for local livelihood generation in especially rural India.

The perspective of this Product is to empower people with the right skills needed for generating meaningful livelihoods. The ICT-based platform shall be a one-stop solution for skilling, getting and posting jobs, finding out the right career choices and getting inspired.

To achieve this, it is comprised of four modules:
1. Aspirations Finder
2. Job Portal
3. Lokaudyam:Skilling Platform
4. Success Stories

To know more about it please watch this video


Customized Solutions

Ekal Prashikshan App

“Ekal Prashikshan” has been successfully delivered to an NGO called Ekal Vidyalaya. Lokavidya has helped teacher trainers of Ekal to retain quality of the content and minimise losses occur due to hierarchical knowledge transfer training system. Also, with its inbuilt quizzing system learning becomes intriguing and helps the learner to self-assess own performance. Similarly for instructor, data like number of pauses, stops and videos completed or uncompleted helps to optimize their efforts and give attention to individuals as per their holistic performance. The app has been penetrated in more than 55000 Indian villages due to it’s PAN India level existence

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Projects/products scoping consultancy
Field level analysis and product conceptualization
Applications Development
Customized LMS solution
Youth Empowerment Awareness Workshops
Data Science Information and Solutions, Reports, Dashboards, representation

What Makes Us Different?


Machine Learning We Incorporate


Typed Search

Recommendation Engine

Entity and Location Disambiguation

Domain specific Question Answering

Advanced Question generation System

Our Team

"We believe in working with the people and developing solutions through empowerment and participation, rather than through assistance and force. Our Team comprises of professionals who are alumni of IIT Bombay and this ensures that the zest and empathy that we possess, is coupled with a strong academic and research base. We are deeply passionate about working on real-life problems and creating an impact on the ground. Technical ability, a strong field presence coupled with the “Appropriate Technology” approach helps us stand out and create simple yet powerful solutions for field problems."

Professor Ganesh Ramakrishnan (https://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~ganesh/)

Academic Collaborator, IIT Bombay


Mr Saurabh Sinha

Business Advisor

Mr Saurabh Sinha is the Business Advisor for Lokavidya Technologies. He is the founder of Rein Labs and Co Founder of Contexio. Mr Saurabh has also incubated some of the leading Merchandising analytics, Digital content solutions and Digital marketing tools platforms. These have been used widely in the ecommerce industry in the US.

  • Vikram Bansal


    M.S. (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Nikesh Ingle

    Head, Field Team

    M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
  • Pankaj Singh

    Head, Machine Learning

    M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
  • Anamika Soni

    Head, Product Research Analyst

    M.Tech (Technology & Development)
  • Apoorva Apte

    Head, Business Strategy

    M.Tech (Technology & Development)
  • Pranita Harpale

    Field Engineer, IIT Bombay

    B.Tech (Information Technology)
  • Anuja Dumada

    Field Engineer, IIT Bombay

    B.Tech (Information Technology)

Our Development Partners


IIT Bombay

Ekal Vidyalaya

TATA Trusts


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