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Who We Are

A company that envisions to cater to individualistic needs of education, skilling and livelihood based on their aspirations. Lokavidya emphasises on understanding the needs of the people, designing custom made content for either direct or peer to peer learning and enabling them to network for employment opportunities in their locality and also collaborate for entrepreneurial activities.


Lokavidya Create

LV Create is an android app where users can freely create projects by adding videos, images and audio clips. The content is automatically stitched together in a video which can then be published. The published video can then be viewed on LVView as well. The users can also view projects from other other users for inspiration.

Lokavidya CMS

LVCMS is a content management platform where users can organise, curate, add and delete content. The user can use channels to categorise videos easily. The platform can also be used to comprehensively manage members as well.

Lokavidya View

Lokavidya View is a multilingual android app which lets the user view, share and download videos. We also have a quizzing system which pops us questions facilitating integrated learning. The user can always reach out to us using feedback and suggestions.


Lokacart Admin

An intuitive User Interface for eCommerce, Lokacart Admin Application, is developed to ease the transactional process between customers & admin for dynamic facile shopping. To maintain database of current as well as new customers/users along with profile management. Item based collaborative filtering of different products. Manage their newly placed orders / modified orders /cancelled order

Lokacart Plus

Lokacart Plus is a platform to be designed so as to take the demand and then enable supply. It will be a B2B Model of existing Lokacart application. This application will list out the (commodities) supply and their demand respectively. I.e - it will show a listing of FPC’s and will serve as a platform where buyers and sellers can make their respective bids.


Lokacart application is an initiative by to bridge the gap between consumers and producers in India. It is a mobile-first e-commerce platform developed to serve as an IT solution to help in logistics and supply chain management to Farmer Producer Companies who are involved in direct marketing of products to their customers. It automates the process of receiving orders, bill generation and delivery processing through mobile/web application It provides economic empowerment to the farmers organisations through mobile applications.

Machine Learning We Incorporate

Typed Search

Recommendation Engine

Entity and Location Disambiguation

Domain specific Question Answering

Advanced Question generation System

Our Team

  • Vikram Bansal


    M.S. (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Nikesh Ingle

    CMO, CFO

    M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
  • Pankaj Singh

    Head, Machine Learning

    M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
  • Anamika Soni

    Head, Product Management

    M.Tech (Technology & Development)
  • Apoorva Apte

    Head, Business Strategy

    M.Tech (Technology & Development)
  • Manasi Dhome

    Operations Manager

    B.E.(Information Technology)
  • Pranita Harpale

    Field Engineer

    B.Tech (Information Technology)
  • Anuja Dumada

    Field Engineer

    B.Tech (Information Technology)

Technical Team

UX/UI Designer
  • Garima Lahoti
  • Tara Thomas
  • Mayuri Gajelli
  • Govind Mulgir
  • Neha Gupta
  • Prashasti Arora
  • Nihaal Wagadia
  • Suvobrat Ghosh
  • Parva Dikshit
  • Harsh Lokwani
Quality Analyst
  • Mareena Marydas
  • Pratiksha Bahadure

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